"I have never met a Pet Groomer who wasn't underinsured"

"I have never met a Pet Groomer who wasn't underinsured"

July 26, 2023

This is a quote from a colleague whose family has been in the pet grooming business all their life. We were chatting about our pets, their grooming sessions and the conversation turned into insurance as all things often do for those of us in the industry. 

As a fellow business owner, I know all too well the hard work you put into establishing and maintaining your business. As someone in the risk industry, I am too familiar with the things that can threaten everything we have worked for. In the hustle and bustle of running a business, one of the last things on people's minds is their insurance. It's usually something you get as am item on your checklist to begin your operations.

Many don't think about it again, until something scary happens.

Then you start wondering if you selected the correct coverages or if you just purchased an expensive piece of paper. Or maybe you don't really understand your policy and what is covered and excluded from your commercial policy. This is where I can help. If you haven't reviewed your insurance in over two years, you are overdue. I would be more than happy to conduct an insurance risk assessment and answer your questions. It is better to be proactive than to be reactive. Click on the link below and complete the short form to begin your personalized assessment. 

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